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starting at $25/month!

Virtual Hosting Services / VPS

Simplify your development.

Libre Hosting uses KVM-based virtualization.
Each Libre Hosting vMachine (virtual server) is configured with your choice of operating system, database, and set of development tools.


Virtualization Benefits Libre Hosting Technology Plans & Pricing

Libre Hosting provides virtual servers configured with the latest agile web development environments.

Virtual Server:
A virtual server is an isolated environment consisting of an OS, applications, and complete file system, all residing on a shared physical server, with guaranteed available resources including CPU, Memory and Disk space. A Virtual Server may also called a Virtual Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server or VPS, or a vMachine.
A Dedicated Physical Server, however, is a single physical computer that is dedicated to one user or application and may also run several virtual servers on it. Libre Hosting can also customize and host a dedicated physical virtualization server for your requirements.
Libre Hosting uses KVM virtualization, a kernel-based virtualization framework.

Hosted OSes include:
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Debian 5, Fedora 12/13, Centos 5.5, Even WindowsXP, and more - or your choice of custom OS on request!

Development environments include:
Ruby on Rails, Django, Satchmo, Joomla, Zope, and more.

Hosted environments include:
WordPress, SugarCRM, Adempiere, Zimbra, MediaWiki, OpenBravo, and more.

All Plans include:

Deploy in minutes! Choose your configuration and go!